DHHSD DeafBlind Consumer Directed Services Grant Program

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division
DeafBlind Consumer Directed Services
Grant Program

Who can be in this program?

  • Families with deafblind children or youth who live in Minnesota
  • Deafblind adults who live in Minnesota
  • Do you already receive SSP or intervenor services? You still can apply! You can keep your current services and maybe get equipment or training from this program.

What is a “consumer directed” program?

It’s a program that gives you more flexibility and control over the services and equipment you receive. You must follow program rules but you pick the services that you want and you decide the person(s) who will provide you with services. You can also decide if you need equipment or other things to help you be independent or involved in your family or community.

What services or goods (things) can I get?

  • Transportation services
  • Family communication instruction
  • Interpreter/SSP services
  • Intervenor services
  • SSP services
  • Training for SSPs and/or intervenors
  • Other services that help you increase your independence, develop communication skills or get more involved in your community and family.
  • Equipment and technology that you need because you are deafblind (for example: Zoomtext, magnifiers, materials for language/concept development, etc.)

How does the program work?

  • Each person or family in the program has the fund balance available per year to plan to spend. You develop a budget that explains how you want to use your dollar amount.
  • Deafblind adults can use the money for services and things that will help them be independent and be involved in their families and community.
  • Deafblind children and their families can use the money for services and things that will help them develop/improve communication and be part of their family and community.
  • If you are picked for the program, you will work with a DHHS staff person as your case manager. With your case manager, you develop a plan for services and a budget for spending the limited dollar amount.
  • You decide what qualifications you want your workers to have and select who you want to provide you with services.
  • You work with an agency called a financial entity. The financial entity handles all the grant money for you and hires your workers for you. The financial entity is paid from your grant to do this for you.

What if the program is full?

  • You can still apply. We will put your name on the waiting list. When you are first on the waiting list, you have two ways to benefit from the program:
  1. When someone else in your region drops out of the program, you can get in the program for services and equipment.
  2. When someone already in the program doesn’t need all their money during the year, you can use their leftover money to buy equipment and things. You will not be in the program permanently but you have an opportunity to buy equipment , supplies, and assistive devices that you need.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Call or email Lee Clark at:
651-431-2226 VP/voice
888-206-6501 TTY
via email

This information is available in other formats to people with disabilities by contacting Terry Schwankl at 651-431-2531voice or 888-206-6501 tty.