About DeafBlindInfo.org

What is DeafBlindinfo.org?

DeafBlindInfo.org contains:

  • An online introduction to deafblindness (combined vision and hearing losses of all kinds).
  • Information about Minnesota‚Äôs resources for people who are DeafBlind, as well as resources throughout the USA and in other countries.
  • Empowerment for DeafBlind individuals, their families, and service providers, both in Minnesota and beyond.

The site is a project developed in collaboration with parents of DeafBlind children, and the DeafBlind adults who govern the Minnesota DeafBlind Association. DeafBlindinfo.org is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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How to Use This Site

1) New to DeafBlindness? Start with our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about dual sensory loss.
2) Looking for services, professionals, and organizations that can assist you?

3) Please tell us your feedback about this site, so we can make it easy for you to access the information you seek.

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Accessibility Features of This Site:

Use the following links to learn how to use the accessibility features of this web site.

See also: Resources for Users with Low Vision and Resources for Web Site Designers.

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Knowledge is power.

The contents of this web site could change the life of someone experiencing vision and hearing loss - in Minnesota or in another part of the world. Help make information about DeafBlindness, dual sensory loss, and related resources accessible to everyone.

Link to DeafBlindinfo.org on your web site.

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