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"GREAT JOB!!!! Lots of information that I still didn't even know about! WOW!! Everything's all in one place and it's WONDERFUL to see this web site providing so much information that is necessary for every deafblind [person] to know about."

— Adrienne Haugen, deafblind consumer in rural Minnesota.

"We think you've done a great job on the family resource guide. It is easy to navigate the site if parents want more detailed information."

— Karen and Ken Wojcik, parents of a young child with CHARGE syndrome.

"I like [that the site emphasizes the] positives like uniqueness and empowerment, [and that it is] clearly written for understanding."

— Wendy Williams, deafblind adult in southern Minnesota.

"Here in Maryland and the DC area, news of your site is circulating and everyone is excited that you have come into existence… Thanks and keep up the great work."

— Toni Hollingsworth, Enhanced Services Coordinator at Maryland School for the Blind.

"A very nice site, excellent design, tasteful original graphics, and you have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web."

— Bill Darling, Administrator of the Critical Mass Award for Web Sites.

"Now this is a well done and informative site! I found it very interesting. I think a quote from the web site speaks volumes; ‘The contents of this web site could change the life of someone experiencing vision and hearing loss - in Minnesota or in another part of the world. Help make information about Deaf Blindness, dual sensory loss, and related resources accessible to everyone.’"

— Reviewer, B. H., Talking Hands Award for Accessibility Certified Web Sites.

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About Accessibility

"The high-contrast alternative is fantastic. Good job!"

— Anonymous.

"I looked at the site and it looked very good. They have put a lot of effort into making it accessible, and it was."

— David Andrews, Chief Technology Officer at Minnesota State Services for the Blind.

"I explored it briefly, using JAWS for Windows 4.0 with a Braille Window refreshable braille display. It was very easy for me to navigate the page… The site seems very accessible to speech and braille computer users, and it's got tons of great info on it. Great job! "

— Nancy Hefner, Technology Teacher at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

"Your team has done an excellent job of providing a well-organized, informative site with access keys, proper alt attributes, links with descriptive titles, alternative stylesheets, relative font sizes, etc. …I've passed the URL along to my volunteer team to study as a model for making TCDeaf.com accessible to DeafBlind users. Great job!"

— Alicia Lane, Web Redevelopment Coordinator of TCDeaf.com.

"It is one of the best sites on both deafness and blindness that I have ever seen. Most sites that look so good are far from accessible, but yours is outstanding for its accessibility."

— William Graczyk, Webmaster of The Blind Readers' Page.

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