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DeafBlind people are rarely totally deaf and totally blind. Each individual's degree of hearing and vision loss is unique.

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International Resources

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See also International Resources list maintained by DB-LINK.

Resource Listings for Many Countries

  • A DeafBlindness Web Resource
    Description: Maintained by deafblind Brit, James Gallagher, this text-only site provides links to a wealth of information on DeafBlindness and related topics from around the world, including terminology, internet resources, conferences and courses, journals and periodicals, videos, service providers, bibliographies, equipment, communication, internet access, accessible email services, and accessible computer programming resources. See also "A-Z to Deafblindness," which may have slightly more updated information.
  • A-Z to Deafblindness
    Description: "My name is James Gallagher and I am deafblind myself. This site is here to try and offer some help to Blind or deaf people, and especially deafblind people, and those who provide specialised services for those who are deafblind. A-Z to Deafblindness is also here, to make people more aware about deafblindness." Includes archives of info about deafblindness, and extensive resource lists of DeafBlind-related conferences, courses, mailing lists, newsletters, equipment, organizations, poetry, and videos for and about DeafBlind people from around the world.
    • Organizations for DeafBlind People Throughout the World
      Description: An extensive list, organized by country/region
  • DeafBlind International (DbI)
    Description: "As deafblindness is a low incidence disability the extent of activity in any one country will not be enough to maintain a distinct identity for this field. International networking and the sharing of information is essential to the development of the deafblind field and quality services for deafblind people. To learn from good practice we need to collaborate across national boundaries."
    • DbI members/contacts - lists contact information for Honorary Officers, Management Committee, Corporate Members, and information networks around the world.
  • Hilton/Perkins International Program
    Description: "Hilton/Perkins staff provide the training, consultation and technical expertise to enable educators, local communities, schools, and family members to develop, establish and expand their own programs for [multihandicapped blind or deafblind] children in need, [especially Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Latin America]."
  • DeafBlind Children Home Page
    Description: "...a resource for parents of deafblind children. We face many challenges in our everyday lives looking after and communicating with our deafblind children… a place for parents to gain information, [and] talk with other parents who face the same unique challenges."
    Services: Listserv, Chat Room, Life Stories of DeafBlind children and the adults who care for them.
  • Sense
    11-13 Clifton Terrace
    Finsbury Park
    London N4 3SR
    The world's largest deafblind-focused organization. "Sense is the national [and international] voluntary organisation that works with and campaigns for the needs of children and adults who are both deaf and blind; providing advice, support, information and services for them, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them. In addition we work with many of the thousands of people who have a sight or hearing problem plus other disabilities."
  • World Federation of the DeafBlind (WFDB)
    WFDB can be reached through:
    The Swedish Association of the Deafblind (FSDB)
    Sandsborgsv 44
    SE-122 88 Enskede, Sweden
    +46-8-39-9000 Voice
    +46-8-659-5042 Fax
    Newsletter: To obtain the newsletter on the Internet from the server of the Swedish Deafblind Organisation FSDB, send an e mail to in the body of the e mail you have to write subscribe intndb-l
    Newsletter Sample:
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Resources Specific to One Country

  • Australian DeafBlind Council
    PO Box 1213
    Camberwell Victoria Australia 3124
    Telephone: Voice (03) 0427 435 243
    Fax (03) 9486 2092 ( +61 39 486 2092)
    Description: "Objectives are to encourage self-organisation and self-determination by people who are deafblind, to serve as a national assembly for meetings, ommunication and interchange, to provide a forum for collective expression and discussion, to work for improvement throughout Australia in education, health, welfare, rehabilitation, employment and recreation for deafblind people, to cooperate with kindred organisations such as the NFBCA and the Deafness Forum, to disseminate information, to solicit support from government at various levels for people with deafblindness."
  • Canadian DeafBlind and Rubella Association
    350 Brant Avenue
    Brantford, Ontario
    N3T 3J9
    (519) 754-0729
    (519) 754-5400 Fax
    Description: "committed to assisting all persons who are deafblind to achieve with Intervention the best quality of life."
  • Canadian Helen Keller Center
    Canadian Helen Keller Centre
    210 Empress Avenue
    Toronto, ON
    M2N 3T9
    (416) 225-8989
    (416) 225-4871 Fax
    Description: "the first skills training centre in Canada where individuals who are Deaf-Blind can upgrade or gain independent living and technical skills."
  • Canadian National Society of the DeafBlind
    405-422 Willowdale Ave.
    North York, Ontario
    M2N 5B1
    Description: "advocate for new and improved services… promote public awareness of issues affecting persons who are Deaf-Blind," and publish information about Intervenor services.
  • Deafblind New Zealand
    3/18 Erson Avenue
    Royal Oak, Auckland
    Email President Max Comer:
    "DeafBlind New Zealand arose from the need seen in the NZ Foundation for the Blind, for a separate Society run by DeafBlind people themselves."
  • DeafBlind UK
    Description: "...offers comprehensive services to deafblind people, their support assistants and other professionals. These include training in communication and rehabilitation skills; a free 24 hour helpline; a regional network of staff and volunteers; a varied leisure programme and a range of publications in different reading formats."
    • Touch Appeal / National Centre for Deafblindness
      Description: "Deafblind people have decided that the best way to increase the range of services to meet their unique needs and also to raise public awareness, is to create a National Centre for Deafblindness. Special features of the centre, which [was in 2002] built in Peterborough, will include a guidance system to make it totally accessible to deafblind people, a publications department, an information and research centre, and conference facilities."
  • Scottish Sensory Centre
    Moray House Institute of Education
    University of Edinburgh
    Holyrood Road
    Edinburgh EH8 8AQ
    0131 651 6501 Voice
    0131 651 6067 TextPhone
    0131 651 6502 Fax
    "promotes and supports new developments and effective practices in the education of children and young people with sensory impairments, that is; visual impairment, deaf and deafblind. SSC collaborates with: education authorities; schools and groups of teachers; voluntary organisations; parents groups; young people themselves."

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