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DeafBlind people are rarely totally deaf and totally blind. Each individual's degree of hearing and vision loss is unique.

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Resources: Overview

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Resources by Location

The Resources by Location pages include only programs and organizations that were designed specifically to serve people with deafblindness and their families, colleagues, and professionals. These resources are divided into four pages on this site:

Consumer Resource Guides

Everything you need - all on one page! Our Consumer Resource Guides contain specialized information for certain types of consumers, and are organized by topic. Resource Guides include links to fact sheets, books, and organizations that serve people with deafblindness and/or people with disabilities in general.

We currently have Resource Guides for the following consumer groups:

Looking for Mailing Lists, Newsletters, or Pen Pals?

Many of the resources listed on this web site host their own publications; contact those resources directly if you wish to receive their publications. Many of the local and national organizations listed on this web site can help you connect with the DeafBlind community in your area.

Also, check out these links:

  • A-Z Deafblindness mailing lists and newsletters page
  • DB-LINK mailing list page
  • DeafBlind Pen Pals Directory - from Sense

Find Specific Information

Every page on this web site includes links to related resources. Here are more ways to find what you are looking for:

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