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Our resource guides contain specialized information for certain types of consumers, and are organized by topic or location. Resource guides include links to fact sheets, books, and organizations that serve people with deafblindness and/or people with disabilities in general.

Parents and Families of DeafBlind children

DeafBlind Youth and People in Transition from school to work, school to college, or into independent living situations

DeafBlind Adults

Senior Citizens and other people who are adjusting to combined vision and hearing loss after having lived as a person with unimpaired vision and hearing.

Resources by location

Looking for Mailing Lists, Newsletters, or Pen Pals?

Many of the resources listed on this web site host their own publications; contact those resources directly if you wish to receive their publications. Many of the local and national organizations listed on this web site can help you connect with the DeafBlind community in your area.

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