Ohio Association of the Deaf-Blind Conference

September 18-20, 2009
Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort

4560 Hilton Corporate Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43232


You are cordially invited to attend the fifth Ohio Association of the Deaf-Blind Conference to be held on the weekend of September 18-20 that is conveniently located in central Ohio. Our theme for this year’s conference is “Outstanding Advocates for the Deaf-Blind.” This exciting three days and two nights conference will consist of presentations about advocacy presented by Randall Pope, our national leader. We will welcome back our two Past-Presidents who moved out of state, Nellie Pohymeyer and Mary Hale and they will talk about how they advocated in their new hometown. We will also eat good food and have some fun activities. We are looking forward in seeing and meeting you there to enjoy a spectacular time and learning experience with each other!!

In this letter, you will find attached forms to fill out for registration, one for Deaf-Blind Individual and the other for SSP.

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort:
This hotel has an indoor waterpark so plan on bringing your bathing suit! Arrangement have been made for you to be able to purchase discounted entrance ticket at $15 per person. One SSP can go in for free with each person who is Deaf-Blind. This hotel is located in Columbus near the I-70 at Exit 170A. We will start on Friday night at seven and end on Sunday at eleven, in time to check out.

Registration Fee:
The cost for a person who is Deaf-Blind is one hundred and ten dollars ($11# and this includes four meals, two nights lodging, and lots of exciting activities. The cost for the SSP is forty dollars ($4# and this includes the same as above, however, the lodging is free for all SSPs. (Please Note: If you are a Deaf-Blind Individual from outside of Ohio and would like to join us, you are welcome but the fee is $200 plus you will need to bring your own SSP. All SSPs are welcome, no matter where you are from and lodging will still be free!) Also, if you can’t make it for the entire weekend, please contact us to make special arrangement for you.

Please send the completed registration form and payment before the deadline date, August 14, 2020 to:
P. O. Box 32015
Cincinnati, OH 45232-0015

Once we receive your completed registration form and payment, we will send you:

  1. Confirmation Letter
  2. Tentative Schedule
  3. Items to Bring
  4. Direction to the Hotel

For more information on registration questions, feel free to contact:

Lynn Jansen, Support
Phone: 513-242-4171 (Voice)
Fax: 513-242-4287
Send email


Charlee Major, Co-Chair
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