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DeafBlind people are rarely totally deaf and totally blind. Each individual's degree of hearing and vision loss is unique.

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Print on Palm Illustrations

Print on Palm (POP), sometimes known as Block or Spartan, is a system used between deafblind and non-deafblind people to communicate, when the non-deafblind person is not skilled in other accessible communication methods. Letters are drawn on the palm of the deafblind person's hand, one on top of another, with a short pause between words. The letters are block capitals, drawn with as few strokes as possible, to make it easier to feel.

Instructional Chart

Below is a chart of the strokes used to write letters clearly.

chart showing how to draw block letters in the Print on Palm method

Example Photo

The picture below shows one person drawing on the palm of another person. The "listener's" hand is palm-up, with the index finger at the top of the writing surface, as if the wrist were the binding of a book.

one person's index finger drawing on the palm of another person

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