Causes of Blindness and Deafness

Causes of Blindness and deafness are many, some are very common and others are strange cases that appear with time or even at the moment of birth. On difference to deafness where patients can’t detect some frequencies of sound there are still solutions to partial loss of this sense with the implementation of hearing devices. Blindness on the other hand is a condition that instead of improving keeps on degenerating the eye until the sight is completely lost.

There are many factors that can affect both senses, some are the common ear and eye disease problems that come from genetics. Parent’s can transmit this problem to unborn children by consuming products that they shouldn’t during pregnancy or because it comes from generations. Ear and eye problems are very complicated to cure specially on kids. There are also some situations in which age is the major problem.

What causes blindness and deafness is hard to define, some of the most common problems are cataracts and glaucoma for blindness disease and for deafness causes we have acoustic neurinoma and alport syndrome.

There are many other causes that are involved for this problems, many people develop the disease by doing activities that require a lot of effort from both senses, others loose them from accidents that they had, a good example of this are the many soldiers that come back from war with both problems. Adults or kids may also get problems from taking uncontrolled medications. Some pills that cause blindness are tylenol, zantac or botox, which are products that everyone use daily.

Truth is that products and medications work different for everyone, many products that don’t affect other people might affect you without a problem, and this is because everyone is different and specially should take care of what kids do to avoid all the causes of blindness and deafness.