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Artist-Eye prosthetist - a specialist in the manufacture of ocular prostheses

Artist-Eye prosthetist is a specialist in the manufacture of ocular prostheses. Features of work Artist-eye prosthetist works with people who, due to some tragic circumstances lost their eyes. Such glass eyes are made by prosthesis. The duties of this specialist include inspection and measurement of the eye cavity, and then - prosthesis. He picks up […]

Training of deaf-blind children abroad

For the moment in any country there is no comprehensive statistics on the deaf-blind. The American Foundation for the Blind indicates the existence of 252 deaf-blind school-age children of the US. Reporting this information, the Foundation for the Blind stipulates that this refers only to discussed and reported cases. The fact is that such children […]

Art Within the deaf and blind

I cannot help but be spellbound when I encounter art within the mysterious, yet incredibly enlightened recesses of the soul of a deaf and blind artist. Be it in the case of The Israeli Deaf and Blind theater company performing “Not by Bread Alone” in London, or 17-year-old piano prodigy Yerko DiFonisor performing in his […]