Description of Logo:

This image is the logo. It is a rectangle made up of two side-by-side squares. In the left square is a drawing of many hands of different sizes and colors reaching toward an open book. In the right square are the words "Deaf Blind" in high-contrast yellow text on a black background. The image is a bit larger than the average web site logo, because we want low-vision users to be able to see both the drawing and the text.

We designed this image to represent our effort to make information about DeafBlindness, dual sensory loss, and related resources accessible to everyone. The image also draws attention to the human hand, used by deafblind people to communicate, listen, read, navigate, sense and shape their environment.

For more information about the importance of hands for the person who is deafblind, see Talking the Language of the Hands to the Hands.

The logo appears at the top of every page in the web site (except image description pages). It serves as a link back to our home page.

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