Human services grant to help those with both hearing and vision loss

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has awarded a $67,500 grant to Vision Loss Resources to provide training to agencies on how to meet the special needs of people with dual hearing and vision loss. An additional grant of $105,000 to begin statewide training will be awarded later this year.

The grants are intended to help people with hearing and vision loss to live more independently by teaching agencies that serve them about:

  • What it is like to have both hearing and vision loss
  • The types of support people with both hearing and vision loss need to have so they can stay in their homes
  • How agencies can improve services for senior citizens who have hearing and vision loss
  • The skills professionals need to work with this community

Training offered next year will be conducted via classroom sessions, Web-based e-learning sessions, Webinars, DVDs and videos.

Providers, clients and family members looking for more information should contact Deb L.A. Olson, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division, (651) 431-2360 (voice) or (888) 206-6501 (TTY).